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Sunset of the 20 years of Villas&Golfe magazine

A night of glamour

The sunset of the 20 years of Villas&Golfe magazine took place in the Sublime Comporta Beach Club, by the evening. An event where it will also take place the Villas&Golfe International Cup awards ceremony, after the reception of its guests, and followed by the dinner and very especial surprises for its guests. The Villas&Golfe International Cup has been held on 30 th october morning.One of its surprises was the presentation of the new image of V&G in a special edition where you can find the interviews of 20 personalities who have marked the last two decades, among other contents. A edition that recalls the main events of the countries and the world since the launch to the market of our magazine.On this PMmedia organized event, were present many distinguished guests, well known in the world of golf, television, and business will attend the event.