90 issues, 15 years

Issue number 90 of Villas&Golfe Europe celebrates the 15th anniversary of the magazine, which, through articles, features and interviews, reveals the very best of Portugal and the finest beauty to be seen around the world. This commemorative issue contains a section dedicated to people, who, thanks to their commitment and dedication, have made a real difference in the Portuguese business world. Nuno Barroca, Carlos Leal, Vasco Vieira, João Bacalhau, Sofia Andrez, among many others, figure as icons in their professions. Assunção Cristas, Rui Veloso or Joan Punyet Miró do the remaining honours, accompanied by stories colouring your journey through this very special issue.

With the landscapes of the Trás-os-Montes leading the way, Villas&Golfe Europe #90 is brought to you with a supplement packed with traditions. From Bragança, in all their pomp and circumstance, historical customs, tasty delicacies, proactive businesses and so much more, parade through our pages, inviting you to discover a territory to be conquered.

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