PM media publishes «The Book of Hunting and of Portuguese Literature»

“O Livro da Caça e da Literatura Portuguesa”, translating to “The Book of Hunting and of Portuguese Literature”, by Júlio da Costa Carvalho, has been published by PM media Corporate, having been launched on October 29 in Portugal (Bragança).

The choice of location for the book to be launched first was not by chance, given the author’s connection to the Portuguese city, where he settled in the 1970s, having been a teacher at primary, middle, secondary and higher education levels. He is currently a lawyer, hunter and farmer.

“O Livro da Caça e da Literatura Portuguesa” covers everything from “lyricism of troubadours to the present day” and assembles a series of writings on the subject of hunting, written by unavoidable names in Portuguese literature.

“The author of this anthology is an unknown hunter, who appreciates the art of hunting and the authors, who, as wordsmiths, represent, in their work, the world of hunting, filled with adventures, joys, sorrows, fears, adventures, ethics, sport, a return to nature, struggles, emulation, rituals, preparations, anxieties...” In these words from “A Modo de Advertência”, a short prelude to the anthology, we can thus recognise, right from the very first lines, Julio Carvalho’s liking for hunting and its art.

The book can be purchased at FNAC, in Bragança bookstores or through our website.

RRP: €25

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